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Wine Million

We are a restricted group of knowledgeable and passionate people who acquired a heritage of unique quality products over the years. We are here to present you with real treasures.

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“Verídico comes to affirm our position and where we want to go. From Portugal to the world.”


Wine Million goes beyond mere wine production. It is an embodiment of the dreams and passion of its founder, José Dias.

With a vast and remarkable experience in private labeling for exclusive clients, we have expanded our market presence with the launch of new brands, always committed to excellence, innovation, and versatility.

And it doesn't stop there. Committed to excellence and innovation, the company is poised to unveil other niche products, rare and value-adding, always personalized.

Deeply rooted in the heart of Douro and embracing other winemaking horizons, Wine Million guarantees superior quality and authenticity.


With ongoing projects in the Douro region and a visionary outlook for the future, it holds the promise of opening its doors to the world.

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José Dias


José Dias was born in the 1990s, unaware that his father, Custódio Dias, would entrust him with such a valuable legacy. A legacy meticulously built over time, through the acquisition of numerous wine treasures.


Custódio Dias, oenophile, and wine enthusiast, prepared a special collection to be passed on to his son, including a late vintage from 1900, which he carefully stored until José Dias came of age.

It was an inheritance filled with hope and promise, an enticing heritage that urged his son to embark on a journey into the world of wine, carrying forward the family tradition and passion for the winemaking universe.


The destiny was fulfilled. Today, José Dias is the founder of Wine Million, sharing these family treasures with the world, honoring his father's legacy, and inspiring new generations to fall in love with the culture and terroir of wine.

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