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The Essence of VERÍDICO


The Verídico 1900 Very Very Old Tawny Port is an oenological gem that reflects meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.


This Port Wine is a blend of several years, with an average age of 1900, resulting in unparalleled complexity and a richness of unique flavors that are the hallmark of Very Very Old Tawny Ports. A delight for wine enthusiasts seeking a truly extraordinary experience.

“Not to trivialize port wine is a fight that my generation must defy. It is the way to preserve it down through the generations and to conserve this heritage.”


It is the result of hard work and great dedication, reflecting the true essence of the Douro.


With over a century of history, it stands as distinctive and traditional, yet simultaneously irreverent and jovial.


While respecting its historical roots, it invites you to experience the freshness of a new generation that honors tradition while embracing the future.


A Port wine that transcends time, created for unique and memorable moments.


Exclusive. Rare. Memorable. Over more than a century of aging, VERÍDICO 1900 has acquired a remarkable and distinctive character.


Intense and seductive, VERÍDICO presents an elegant and sophisticated structure, with multiple layers of aromas. On the nose, it reveals opulent notes of butterscotch and honey, accompanied by delicate fragrances of peaches and prunes, complemented by a subtle touch of mint and eucalyptus.


Sweet, with a delicate hint of molasses, VERÍDICO features showcases a lush diversity of fruit, carefully harmonized. A crisp, vibrant acidity emerges on the palate, providing an extraordinary, rich freshness, and leaving behind a complex aftertaste of exotic allure.

VERÍDICO is excellence in its splendor.

A truly a recondite living memory of the 19th century preserved in time with meticulous care and almost religious devotion.


This Port Wine continued its long and patient ageing in the sumptuous cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia, in barrels of the finest oak wood, until it reached perfection, with an aromatic sumptuousness and an unforgettable taste dimension.


After 123 years of ageing, we are ready to release this unique and exclusive jewel, to be shared among the real experts of Port Wine.


With a limited edition of 150 bottles, VERÍDICO is an oenological gem that represents the culmination of art and time dedicated to its production.


To preserve all the magnificent characteristics of this aged wine, while elevating and enhancing its precious notes, Wine Million combines the caramelization and reduction resulting from its natural evolution. Dirk Niepoort finished VERÍDICO with mastery.

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